2017 Shutterstock Creative Trends

Content Marketing Program

The Challenge

Leverage data to increase Brand affinity and awareness of Shutterstock assets.

The Work

This interactive infographic uses Shutterstock search data to forecast what the visual trends for the coming year will be. Each section of the infographic details a specific trend while linking users over to curated collections of related images.

The campaign was promoted via content marketing, social media, and PR, for which I served as the spokesperson. The content was later incorporated into winback campaigns for performance marketing.

The Results

The trends have been shared widely on social media and picked up by media outlets across the world. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by several blogs and podcasts, including How Design Live.

  • $465K revenue over 2017
  • 100+ articles and podcasts across the web
  • 11K social media engagements
  • 12 international speaking sessions
  • 3 awards

Creative Direction: Terrence Morash
Art Direction: Florence Lau
Design: Florence Lau, Kate Crotty, Abbey Katz, Michael Wong
Video Direction/Editing: Niko Brown
Copy: Graeme Allister, Ellie Innis