Pizza vs. Pandemic

Cause-Based Campaign

The Challenge

Leverage Slice and Slice Out Hunger's strengths to help care for front line care workers while supporting small business pizzerias.

The Work

In March 2020, frontline care workers were working around the clock while small business restaurants were struggling to stay open with COVID restrictions. We at Slice jumped into action by partnering with nonprofits Slice Out Hunger and Pizza to the Polls to launch Pizza vs. Pandemic. Taking less than 48 hours from conception to launch, Pizza vs. Pandemic pools individual contributions to place large, coordinated orders (50-100 pizzas) from local, independent pizzerias. The tireless care workers get fed and small business restaurants get the orders they need.

The Results

Fueled by a robust PR and social media strategy, the impact has been substantial.

  • 234K people fed
  • 2K restaurants supported
  • $773K raised
  • 1.3B people reached through PR
  • $12M AVE
  • 10.2M social media impressions
  • 1 Guinness World Records Title

See more about the PR results.
See more about the social media results.

Creative/Art Direction: Terrence Morash
Content: Ben Martin
Copy: Lauren Irwin
Design: Jordan Mills
Social Media: Delaney Bedrosian
PR: Moxie, Original Communications

Launched March 21st, we used individual donations to safely coordinate orders form pizzerias to frontline care workers.

Grateful care workers and proud pizzeria owners started sharing pic after pic on social media, boosting morale nationwide.

We used this momentum to drive visibility with the press. In less than a week, we found ourselves on The Today Show.

That was just the start. To date, the campaign has reached an estimated 1.3B people through media coverage alone.

We also received generous financial support and amplification from corporations located in COVID hotspots around the country.

The program continues today with an expanded mission of feeding the hungry, a growing need in the wake of mass layoffs and business closures. Find out how you can help at

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