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Brand Site and Content Refresh

The Challenge

At over 100 years old, Carbona is one of the country’s most venerable cleaning product brands. However, after several decades of passive advertising, it is only remembered (and loved) by an aging demographic. Led by its strong efficacy, Carbona needed to become part of the consideration set for young mothers and families.

The Work

We breathed new life into the brand by juxtaposing its comely packaging with a colorful play of fun imagery and helpful functionality, such as a product selector based on a user’s specific stain challenge.

Using smart, targeted social content and blog posts, we engaged Carbona's dormant fans to raise awareness and drive sales. Custom photography featuring DIY tips and advice along with a robust monitoring and response effort defined our approach to Carbona’s content.

Among the content highlights were two video series. Clean in Fifteen adopts a style popularized by such producers as Tasty to provide an entertaining twist on the how-to video. Stain Moment Victories parodies the ubiquitous gaming walk-through videos that our target audience's children watch incessantly. However, in this series, the subject matter is the dreaded stain moment!

The Results

The first quarter of this effort resulted in the brand's best revenue performance ever.

  • 5x site visitors
  • 2x Facebook fan base growth, from just over 21K to more than 44K
  • 35MM brand impressions among highly targeted audiences
  • 116K social engagements
  • Average monthly website traffic grew by more than 620%
  • 1.5MM branded video views on social channels
  • Carbona's first quarter after launch was it’s most financially successful ever
  • Brand recall doubled year over year
  • Creative Direction: Terrence Morash
    Art Direction: WaiMay Cheng
    Video Direction: John Rhee
    Design: Calvin Gohd, Jessica Mollica
    Copy: Elizabeth Gervais
    Producer: Jeff Kemp

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