Oscar Pop!

Content Marketing Program

The Challenge

Showcase the potential of Shutterstock assets by creating pop art-inspired posters for each of the Academy Award Best Picture nominees.

The Work

For the fifth rendition of the Oscar Pop! series, I worked with my Shutterstock design team to illustrate the nine Best Picture nominees. Each designer chose an individual pop artist for inspiration and used solely Shutterstock photos and illustrations to execute the work. The complete set was then promoted via PR, social media, and content marketing.

The Results

The series has received tremendous reach and engagement across social media, and has been picked up globally by such influential publications as Adweek, Design Week, and PSFK. It also won three One Screen awards.

Creative Direction: Terrence Morash
Art Direction: Eric Sams
Design: Kate Crotty, Abbey Katz, Florence Lau, Alice Lee, Brandon Lee, Alice Li, Terrence Morash, Eric Sams, Michael Wong
Copy: Graeme Allister