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Interactive Event Activation

The Challenge

Proactiv had a problem with its beauty conference presence. Visitors were good at snatching free product without sticking around to learn more about it. The brand needed a better way to engage fans, educate them about product benefits, and capture leads.

The Solution

We featured a sensory-stimulating, interactive game where visitors had the chance to not only win free product, but also receive information and tips about how to get the most out of that product.

The Results

With steady traffic and enthusiastic crowds, Proactiv had a winner!

  • 1,868 leads captured
  • Lines of 10+ game contestants from open to close of shows
  • Visitors educated on over 5,000 products
  • 4.8MM+ impressions on social media during the events
  • 1 unsolicited appearance by Kat Von D

Creative Direction: Terrence Morash
Art Direction: WaiMay Cheng
Design: WaiMay Cheng, Jessica Mollica
Copy: Elizabeth Gervais
Producer: Jeff Kemp

Photo Credit (top): Marcin Muchalski Interiors

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