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Social Media Campaign

The Challenge

In monitoring social media for Proactiv, we were struck by some of the extreme measures that people take to treat their acne, particularly those who are new to breakouts. These "Acne Don'ts" represented a perfect opportunity to introduce people to a brand better known for its ubiquitous infomercials.

The Campaign

The #ACNEDONT campaign began with a series of illustration and animated gif posts featuring these tried and failed methods discovered on social media. The engagement was immediate and often lead to fan-generated contributions, as well as one-on-one conversations between users and the Proactiv team about product. Fan #ACNEDONTs were also captured and posted by the brand from a series beauty blogger conferences.

We also got Proactiv's formidable roster of celebrities to participate. Illustrations were added to #ACNEDONT testimonials provided by Olivia Munn, Krysten Ritter, AJ Cook, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell resulting in a series of fun, shareable videos.

As the campaign gained steam, we created an #ACNEDONT Tumblr and Pinterest board to encourage further viral growth.

The Results

The campaign provided a significant bump for the brand.

  • 15% lift in online brand opinion
  • 605K impressions
  • 265K unique users reached
  • 7.6K engagements generated

Creative Direction: Terrence Morash
Design: WaiMay Cheng
Copy: Paige Zangoglia

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