Office Depot

Office Depot Racing

Website Design and Management

The Challenge

Office Depot needed to maximize its racing team sponsorship and build affinity from the small business saturated NASCAR market.

The Website

In addition to an energetic, highly visual design, we implemented a series of content initiatives designed to keep fans returning. From regular updates to the home page hero images, to new computer wallpapers every week, to exclusive Q&As with the crew, was one of the most visited properties in NASCAR.

The team was also used to attract fans to Office Depot's stores. During regular signing events, we held live-stream interviews with driver Tony Stewart. Fans were able to not only watch online, but could also Tweet us their questions.

The Results

Our efforts maximized the retailer’s sponsorship.

  • 1MM+ annual visitors making it the most trafficked team site in NASCAR
  • 315K leads captured
  • 100K+ annual social shares from site reaching more than 100MM people
  • Direct and indirect sales tracked from social/website through to ecommerce

Creative Direction: Terrence Morash
Design: Terrence Morash, Leigh-Ann Bartsch, Wai May Cheng
Copy: Alana Massey, Paige Zangoglia


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