Office Depot

Elf Yourself

Social/Digital Campaign

The Challenge

Launched in 2006, the Elf Yourself app has been a longtime staple of the holiday season. However, few people realized that Office Depot/OfficeMax was the brand behind the elves. We took advantage of the office supplier’s growing, app and social media savvy, Millennial customer base to increase the visibility of the brand while driving incremental revenue.

The Campaign

We created a multipronged digital and social media campaign around the unsung "Office Elves" that ensure the holiday season goes off without a hitch.

The campaign microsite provided narratives and product tie-ins around the elves while incentivizing visitors with fun weekly social media challenges.

On social media, our elves were featured across the brand’s accounts. On Twitter, we surprised and delighted shopping-challenged fans with hand-chosen and wrapped office products. Instagram was taken over by our intern elf, where she offered fun activities featuring products sold by the brand.

Targeted advertising across Facebook and Twitter ensured that a new generation of fans were introduced to the app while existing users got to know the newest songs.

The elves were busy and incredibly effective.

The Results

The campaign resulted in Elf Yourself’s most successful year-to-date.

  • 63MM users across 215 countries
  • 11MM app downloads and 21MM app updates
  • 328MM impressions across social media
  • $1.2MM in revenue

Creative Direction: Terrence Morash
Art Direction: WaiMay Cheng
Design: Calvin Gohd
Copy: Anthony Galasso
Producer: Jeff Kemp

Campaign Microsite

Social Content

Carbona rebranding and social media content

Brand Site and Content Refresh

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